About Ordering Meat

When you order meat…

Other than a few prepackaged meat products, meat is always sold by weight.  Therefore the prices you see on RealFoodToronto.com are estimated sizes to match average portion sizes.

Selling fresh perishable products is a challenge bith because most fresh products are sold by weight and the availability of fresh product is always changing. So our policy is simple:

•    For Weighed products, you pay the exact price based on the final weight, just as if you were coming into the store. That means we will adjust the price up or down to match the exact price.
•     Your order total will never be more than 15% of the original total. But keep in mind that for 90% of our orders, the final total is below the original total.
•    If you choose to let us substitute, we will only substitute with like items that may be slightly more or less expensive. Of course, the order total will never be more than 15% over the original as explained above. If you choose to NOT let us substitute, be prepared to miss out on getting some products. We try our darndest to ensure our inventory online is accurate, but fresh products are literally changing every day so if you don’t let us substitute you’re probably going to be missing some items on your order.

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Although we endeavour to provide consistency with our cuts, weights and sizes, there are a few factors that can affect the size and weight of your ordered product, including: seasonality, animal breed/size, and of course, the fact that our butchers cut our meat by hand.

Please keep in mind that we buy from over 50 local, small farmers, not one large operation raising the same type of animal.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, please feel free to Contact Us.