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About RealFoodToronto.com

Today we spend more time stuck in traffic than enjoying our meals.
 Shouldn’t food; our very sustenance, be something cherished, savoured and enjoyed with family and friends?

RealFoodToronto.com was born out of the passion for food shared by customers at The Healthy Butcher; one of Toronto’s preeminent butcher shops. One frustration was common amongst all customers; not having enough time to spend cooking, eating, and enjoying food to its potential. RealFoodToronto.com is a service to enhance your lifestyle. Shop, educate yourself, learn cooking techniques, recipes and more! Buy Toronto’s best ingredients picked by hand, delivered to your front door.

Spend less time stuck in traffic, more time enjoying life!

Our journey began in 2005.

Cofounders-Tara_Longo-AND-Mario_Fiorucci-WP-EditMy name is Mario Fiorucci, and my wife and co-founder is Tara Longo. We were both working on Bay Street – me as a lawyer, she as an investment banker. Our passion was food. And we were both vegetarian.

We weren’t eating meat simply because we were disgusted at the meat that was generally available. After having read books like Fast Food Nation and watched P.E.T.A. videos, we simply were turned off of meat. However, neither of us fared well without meat… what can I say; some people can live very healthy vegetarian, or even vegan lives, some people can’t. Without getting into too much detail, we walked the road of trying to find a source for quality, locally-raised, and ethically raised meat.

Wherever we went we were faced with the same options – either purchase entire sections of a cow from a farmer (which we didn’t have the room for, nor want to be eating frozen cuts for the next 6 months), or buy purportedly “organic” meat from local shops.

The thing is, whenever we asked questions about the source of the meat, we received a different answer. We had little faith and confidence in what we were buying. So, we decided to create a store to service our own needs and the needs of our family.

In 2005, the doors opened at The Healthy Butcher at 565 Queen St. West.

From day one, the three pillars of our business were:


Transparency was key, knowing exactly where our products came from, how they were produced (or raised); avoiding using terms that are meaningless just to sound “organic” or “natural”.


Having the knowledge of how to butcher impeccably, cook perfectly, and enjoy enthusiastically was an essential part of each and every employee hired;


Always offering the best and never settling with less.

Immediately we were welcomed by the public as a reliable and trusted source for quality meats, organic produce and natural foods.

I can easily say that we have the most loyal and passionate clientele of any retail store in the city! We have grown in size to 3 locations and a vast product line. We now deal with over 75 local farms for our meat, and another 30 for fresh fruits and vegetables, plus several co-operatives and organic organizations.

RealFoodToronto.com is the next chapter in the story.

It is the culmination of what our customers have demanded from day one. An easy source for quality food.

In order to enjoy food, enjoy cooking, and enjoy each and every part of meal preparation, we believe the dreadful, time-wasting part of grocery shopping needed to be eliminated… being stuck in traffic, parking, and dealing with lineups.
At the same time, we believe that what makes our physical retail stores so successful is the experience and educational component… learning how to cook a cut & learning a new recipe, and just generally being inspired by food – that is what we have attempted to convey on RealFoodToronto.com. We hope you agree.

Real Food. Real Easy.