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Real Recipe: Green Sweetie Smoothie

Original Recipe by Kim D’Eon for KimDeon.com

Green Sweetie 5If you’re not used to drinking your greens, this smoothie is a great entry point. It’s super simple to make and deliciously creamy and sweet. I promise, it’ll turn you into a green-drinking bad ass in no time.

We all know we need to get our greens in. Leafy greens with the darkest, most intense colours contain the highest levels of nutrients. Think of it as getting a lot of bang for your buck or a lot of love from your leaves. It can be difficult to incorporate greens into a busy morning routine, but this is where smoothies save the day! Just throw a heaping handful into your blender and you’re good to go. Continue reading

Real Recipe: Peachy Green Smoothie

Original Recipe by Kim D’Eon for KimDeon.com

Peachy Green Smoothie 8Peaches are one of my favourite fruits to eat in the summer months. Their delicate, sweet and tangy taste make for a refreshingly bright-tasting smoothie. Because they’ve got a milder taste to, say, berries, I’ve paired them with romaine in this Peachy Green smoothie because this leafy green won’t overpower the subtle flavours going on here.

Peaches can be almost as finicky as avocados when it comes to ripening and then decaying soon after. So, it’s best to get fresh peaches and eat them within a few days of purchase. (Tip: make sure to choose peaches with taut, fuzzy skin that give in slightly when pressed. To ripen peaches, place them in a paper bag or near a windowsill with plenty of sunshine.) Alternately, you can use frozen peaches.

The tropical vibes come from the addition of coconut and mango. When buying your coconut flakes/shreds make sure to look for organic, unsweetened. Coconut is a great source of good fats (yes, we need saturated fats in our diet!). Along with the EFAs in the hemp and chia, the healthy fats in coconut provides nourishment for your skin, nervous system and brain as well as tasting delish!

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Real Recipe: Hearty Beef Stew

Original article published by Katherine Mossop for KatherineMossop.com

Beef_Stew_IGAbout this recipe.

There is nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of beef stew on a cold wintry day. Stews are hearty, versatile and satisfying. Their meat and vegetable combos can vary, as can the thickness of its soup-like broth. Low and slow cooking renders tougher cuts of meat into mouth watering deliciousness. Ah yes, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The versatility in its nutrition is incredibly varied, from its array of vitamins and minerals from the meat and veg, to its collagen-rich gelatin content depending on whether you use a stock or bone broth as the base. Stews can be whatever you imagine just by changing up your ingredients and spices. Much like soups, they can be good for what ails you.

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