100% Grassfed Wagyu Beef Miami Ribs
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100% Grassfed Wagyu Beef Miami Ribs

6 X 100G S

We like to call Miami Ribs "Beef Candy".  Throw them on a high heat grill for a minute aside and enjoy.

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Miami Ribs are thin slices of Braising Ribs, sliced across the bone. Because of their thin nature, heat can break down the connective tissue easily which makes them perfect for grilling or high heat cooking. Very commonly used in Korean cooking, and also known as "Korean Style Ribs". When marinated in The Healthy Butcher's Original BBQ Sauce, and quickly grilled, they taste like candy.

Our article on braising is definitely worth a read!

MARINADE OPTIONS: Click here for more information on our marinades. EDUCATION: To understand the cuts of Beef available, click here.

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