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Locally Raised, Drug-Free Smoked Pork Bacon
Smoked bacon wrapped Pork Chop Skewers, are a grilling favorite because they are tender, moist and real quick and easy to do on the barbecue.
Bacon makes EVERYTHING better!

Locally Raised, Drug-Free Smoked Pork Bacon

approx. 1 lb. / 454g

The People have spoken and our bacon is incredible!

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Bacon is said to be the "gateway meat" that weakens the will of those wishing to refrain from meat! In a recent study, it was revealed to be so. What better ambassador could meat ask for than Bacon?

Made from the belly of our beautiful Tamworth, Berkshire, Duroc English Black Cross, Wild Boar, Iron-Age or Stone-Age pork. All our pork is either certified organic and or pasture raised hormone and antibiotic free.

Walnut Hill in Perth East Ontario does a beautiful job curing and smoking our bacon to perfection.

Ingredients: Water, salt, sodium phosphate, sodium nitrate, sodium erythorbate, brine (water, salt, sugar, spices), natural smoke.

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