Nerpy's Jerk Marinade
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Nerpy's Jerk Marinade

250 Ml

Nerpy's Authentic Jerk Seasoning rub finally brings you the essence of original Jamaican Jerk cooking. 

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This jar of Jerk sauce will take you back to the roots of the delicious, traditional Jerk cooking.  A lip smacking Boston style Jerk rub that gives you a nice all round balance of hot & Spicy with tremendous flavor.  An excellent savory seasoning for your chicken, pork, tofu, fish and many others! 

Rub a small amount - 28g jerk seasoning/1kg - into your meat, tofu or seafood.  For best results marinate overnight for a thorough penetration and then throw it on your smoker, barbecue or in your oven. This rub is truly a thrill for the lover of Jerk and spicy food!

Allergy Information
Contains: Black pepper, Coriander, garlic and soy
Other Allergen Info: Recipe contains No corn, gelatin or nuts.
Ingredients: All Natural ingredients, No artificial ingredients, no additives or artificial coloring.

Hot, spicy and delicious!

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