Organic 35% Whipping Cream (Glass Bottle)
Legendairy real food.
Harmony Organic Dairy
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Organic 35% Whipping Cream (Glass Bottle)

500 ml

  Our Harmony and Sheldon milk are the best of the best.

Harmony (+$2 Bottle Deposit)
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At, we searched long and hard for the best milk.  Our Harmony and Sheldon milk are the best of the best.  Although they are pasteurized, they are only pasteurized the bare minimum, being 16 seconds at 161 degrees.  So, the majority of the beneficial enzymes are retained.  That also means that the shelf life isn't going to be as long as other conventional brands of milk that may aggressively pasteurize their dairy.

This Organic 35% Whipping Cream is always Farm Fresh, and Comes to you from Cows Treated with Love and Respect.


Ingredients: Cream

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