Organic Apple - Sunrise
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Organic Apple - Sunrise


The perfect blend of sweet and tart, Sunrise apples are one of the first varieties to be harvested each year.

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Product of Canada
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Sunrise is an attractive modern apple variety, which rose out of the Okanagan valley, being yet another delectable tree fruit from the Pacific Agri-food Research Centre in Summerland, British Columbia (home of the Spartan apple), and it is one of the best early-season apple varieties.

Sunrise is undoubtedly one of the best apple varieties in regards to flavour.  It has a fairly good sweet/sharp balance, still fairly acidic but a bit sweeter than Katy.  For such an early-season variety the flesh is remarkably crisp, and fairly juicy. 

It keeps for about a week in the fridge, which is better than most early-season varieties (and we think it is best served slightly chilled). Sunrise apples are excellent all-purpose apples, perfect for eating on their own or for use in pies, baking and sauces.

Harvested in early August, they’re available from August through to September.

Handling & Storage:

  • Choose firm, unblemished apples with tight, shiny skins. If an apple is soft enough to dent with your fingers, chances are it will be mealy and tasteless.
  • Apples continue to ripen after they’re picked. Store them in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks to prevent over-ripening and mushiness. And don’t let your apples touch one another; one piece of rotting fruit will taint the others.

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