Organic Pear - Bartlett
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Organic Pear - Bartlett


Bartletts are ideal "eating" pears with a soft juicy flesh.

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Fresh, whole organic pears are amazingly versatile — as delicious in recipes as for simple out-of-hand snacking — and they're a luscious source of dietary fiber and vitamin C. Pears are the sweet, juicy treasures of late autumn. With their luscious texture and heady fragrance, they seem decadently indulgent in contrast to the tang of citrus and the tart crunch of apples.

Bartletts have a soft smooth juicy flesh making them an ideal "eating" pear. They have a green flesh that turns to yellow when ripe. They can ripen after being picked green. They will continue to ripen, even in a fridge. Most "canned" pears are bartletts.


  • If you’re eating your pears raw, peeling is optional. If you're cooking with them, always remove the skin; it tends to get tough with heat. Peeled pears discolor quickly, so rub them immediately with lemon juice or place in a bowl of cold water acidulated with lemon juice after peeling.

Handling & Storage:

  • Unlike stone fruit, pears are not tree-ripened, so they’re usually hard as rocks when you buy them. To hasten ripening, place pears in a paper bag with an apple or banana. Store at room temperature until the fruit gives off a sweet aroma and the flesh at the stem end yields to gentle pressure.
  • Once ripe, keep your pears refrigerated until ready to use. Ripe pears bruise very easily, so handle them gently.

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