Organic Lettuce - Green Leaf


Green leaf lettuce is a favourite salad green.

Product of USA
We have discontinued this product. If you really want this specific product, please contact us by clicking here and we'll try our best.

Green Leaf lettuce is a full flavoured salad green with a somewhat crisp stalk and soft, slightly sweet green.

Handling & Storage:

  • Pre-washed and trimmed or cut romaine in bags, clamshell containers and salad kits is highly perishable; always keep it refrigerated. After opening, store any leftover greens in their original bags or containers, tightly closed. Be sure to consume them by the “use date” on the package.
  • Keep whole heads of lettuce refrigerated (32-36°F / 0-2°C), away from fruits (especially apples) to keep them from turning brown prematurely. Discard leaves that look slimy, discolored, wilted, or smell bad.

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