Organic Sprouted Nuts - Spicy Cocktail Blend
Living Intentions
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Organic Sprouted Nuts - Spicy Cocktail Blend

7 oz

Smothered in smokey red chilies, with a touch of cold pressed olive oil, and Himalyan crystal salt, this spicy blend is a perfect addition to perk up your house party and pair with an evening superfood cocktail!

Sprouted Seeds
We have discontinued this product. If you really want this specific product, please contact us by clicking here and we'll try our best.

This spicy cocktail blend is a festive combination of raw & sprouted premium nuts with a sprinkle of sprouted pumpkin seeds.

Ingredients: Sprouted organic pecans, Sprouted organic almonds, Sprouted organic brazil nuts, Organic raw cashews, Sprouted organic hazelnuts, Sprouted organic walnuts and sprouted organic pumpkin seeds, Organic chilies, Organic spices (including chilies, garlic, and onion), Organic cold pressed olive oil and Himalyan salt.




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