Poultry Brine
How to brine a Thanksgiving turkey - Turkey brine recipe
The Healthy Butcher
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Poultry Brine

500 ml

No bird is complete without our HB Signature Brine!

The Healthy Butcher
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With Hints of citrus and herbs, this brine is the easy way to get the juiciest bird ever! Use one cup of this brine mixture for every 10 lbs of poultry. With one container of brine, you can do several chickens or a large turkey. You'll discover that the best way to prepare your poultry is brined.

Although the brine is made with salt and spices, once the bird is rinsed, prior to cooking, there will be no "salty" flavour in the flesh... only juicy, flavourful and tender meat!

NOTE: We are not a Gluten-Free facility. However, we designate our housemade Wheat-Free products with the "Gluten-Free" icon.

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