Organic Gouda Cheese
La Chaudiere
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Organic Gouda Cheese

200 g

This organic gouda cheese is aged 2 months. La Chaudiere cheeses are animal rennet free and this cheese is 99.5% Lactose Free.

La Chauderie
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Biobio offers you certified organic dairy products. The milk used to make the various cheeses comes exclusively from herds of family operated farms. The cows of these family operated farms are bred without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. Furthermore, the pastures they graze in, the fodder and the grains are all free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. These organic cheeses are aged under stringent controls. All the Biobio dairy products are certified organic by Quebec Vrai. M.F.: 28% Moisture: 43%

Ingredients: Organic milk, bacterial culture, sea salt, calcium chloride, and microbial enzyme.

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