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"Salumi" by Micheal Rulman and Brian Polcyn


A perfect book for those interested in the world of Charcuterie!

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Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn inspired a revival of artisanal sausage making and bacon curing with their surprise hit, Charcuterie. Now they dlve deep into the Italian side of the craft with Salumi, a book that explores and simplifies the recipes and techniques of dry curing meats. As the sources and methods of making our food have become a national discussion, an increasing number of cooks and professional chefs long to learn fundamental methods of preparing meats in the traditional way. Ruhlman and Polcyn give recipes for the eight basic products in Italy’s pork salumi repertoire: guanciale, coppa, spalla, lardo, lonza, pancetta, prosciutto, and salami, and they even show us how to butcher a hog in the Italian and American ways.

This book provides a thorough understanding of salumi, with 100 recipes and illustrations of the art of ancient methods made modern and new. 100 illustrations; 16 pages of color photographs!

Review Quotes:

"This is a great book for omnivore permaculturalists. Not to be confused with salami dry cured sausages, salumi is the word for Italian salted and cured meats. The authors take you step-by-step through the process of choosing a pig, butchering it and then converting it into delicious, Italian style, dry cured preserves. Suitable for the chef, semi-pro or novice home practitioner, the book will at once help reconnect you with your food source and also provide you with many tasty recipes."

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