The butchers at The Healthy Butcher collectively rated each and every meat cut on a scale of "1" to "4", based on four factors. The following is how the ratings were determined:
Flavour: "1" is the least flavourful; "4" is the most flavourful. Of course, everything is relative! So, what we did is use the most flavourful cuts in beef, being Brisket, Blade and Rib Eye as the standard of comparison. So, even chicken breasts are compared to those beef cuts, which explains why the flavor rating of boneless chicken breast is only a "2". Of course, if we compared the flavour of our chicken breasts with conventional breasts, it would be a "4"… but then everything would be rated "4" across the site!
Tenderness: "1" is the least tender; "4" is the most tender. Every cut is compared to a Beef Tenderloin, being the most tender cut in beef.
Fat: A rating of "1" means the cut is lean; whereas "4" means the cut has ample fat content. All cuts are compared to Beef Brisket, being the fattiest cut in a beef.
Price: "1" represents the least expensive cuts; "4" represents the most expensive cuts. Rating price required a little more thought as far as what to use as the scale. We used Certified Organic Beef as the baseline, and rated all cuts regardless of animal or breed relative to the price range found in Organic beef. Why Beef? First of all, following the same reasoning as in flavor, tenderness and fat, beef is the most consumed meat in Canada so forms the standard of comparison. Why Organic Beef? We specifically selected Certified Organic Beef as the baseline for comparison because it represents the true cost of sustainable livestock agriculture.
We hope The Butchers Scorecards help you choose your perfect cut!