The Healthy Butcher T-Shirt (I like pig butts and I cannot lie.)
The Healthy Butcher
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The Healthy Butcher T-Shirt (I like pig butts and I cannot lie.)


For all you Pork (and 80's Hip-Hop) lovers, this one's for you!

The Healthy Butcher
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Emblazoned with "I like pig butts and I cannot lie", this T-Shirt smacks of pop-culture and Pork, all rolled-into a snuggly blanket of amazeballs.

A wicked-awesome conversation piece, this T-Shirt makes a great gift and looks perfect under a BBQ apron.

A small The Healthy Butcher logo on the right sleeve stamps this awesome T with our Butchers' seal of approval.

Available Sizes & Options:

  • Small / Medium / Large / XL Sizes
  • Short Sleeve / Long Sleeve Editions

Manufactured by Toronto Tees.

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