The Healthy Butcher's
The Healthy Butcher
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The Healthy Butcher's "The Cleaver" Original BBQ Sauce

375 ml

Sweet, tangy & spicy with a hint of smoke! This is our best-selling housemade, gluten-free BBQ Sauce! Our very best in a bottle!

The Healthy Butcher
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This is exactly the same housemade sauce we use on our famous pulled-pork! Ideal for brushing on chicken, pork, beef, shrimp & ribs.

Whether you are grilling, roasting, broiling or slow-smoking, The Healthy Butcher's Original is the ultimate finishing and dipping sauce. Explore a world of easy and delicious recipes with this delectable condiment!

Ingredients: Organic Ontario tomatoes, pure spring water, fair-trade organic cane sugar, organic vinegar, organic molasses, organic ontario tomato paste, ancho pepper, organic chipotle pepper, organic paprika, sea salt, fresh organic garlic, organic mustard, organic cinnamon

Click here for our famous Pulled Pork recipe.

Certified by OCQV TR11044

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