The Healthy Butcher's Sausage Making Class - ST PATRICK'S DAY EDITION

The Healthy Butcher's Sausage Making Class - ST PATRICK'S DAY EDITION

Friday, March 17, 2017 at 298 Eglinton Ave. West, Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm

Always in demand, these are our famous Live to Eat Seminars - hosted by The Healthy Butcher, Toronto, Ontario.  ***THIS IS A SPECIAL ST.PATRICK'S DAY CLASS... Same great Sausage Making class, but with Beer & Wine served! You can't go wrong***

The Healthy Butcher
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The Sausage Making class has been attended by over 3000 people in Toronto, and still sells out months in advance. Hosted by The Healthy Butcher's co-founder Mario Fiorucci, you will learn the basics of making sausages, and then make your own. Everyone attending brings home at least 2lbs. of the sausages they make during the class. How will your sausage measure up?

The Live to Eat classes hosted by The Healthy Butcher are hugely popular and have received rave reviews in newspapers, magazines, and blogs for the last decade.

In these unique classes, you will learn everything from the basics of a holding a knife to cutting up whole chickens to butchering whole beef to making your own sausages. The classes are intimate, fun, and jam-packed with useful knowledge, all delivered with the passion for which The Healthy Butcher is known.

PURCHASING CLASSES FOR OTHERS: The Healthy Butcher's classes make amazing gifts!  If you are purchasing the class as a gift, please use the text box above to enter in the name and email of the attendee.  If you are purchasing several spots in the class, you must fill in one name and email, click "Add to Cart", then fill in the second name and email, click "Add to Cart", and continue for as many spots as you wish to purchase.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  We work very hard planning and teaching these classes… which is why they sell-out so quickly and so far in advance. Last minute cancellations are neither good for us, nor others who would have signed up for the class. It is for this reason that any cancellations must be done seven (7) days in advance for the class, and the money you spent on the class will be converted into a gift certificate to be used for anything on – whether it be another class or groceries. Cancellations that are done less than seven (7) days in advance forfeit 100% of the class charge.

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