Crafted Meat:  The New Meat Culture: Craft and Recipes
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Crafted Meat: The New Meat Culture: Craft and Recipes


By: Hendrik Haase (Editor), R. Klanten (Editor), Sven Ehmann (Editor)of a culinary art that plays a significant

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Meat is back --in many forms. Whether as salami, air-dried ham, bratwurst, blood sausage, pâté, or pulled pork, meat is truly experiencing a renaissance. Today, the enjoyment of meat is bucking recent ascetic food trends. Quality artisanal meats that combine tradition and innovation are replacing questionable mass-market industrial products. Whether one is sampling, enjoying, or making, attention is being paid to how the animals are bred, fed, and raised, as well historical influences, regional specialties, and production methods. With the right mix of creative yet grounded craftsmanship, young butchers are making delectable products from premium ingredients. In addition to being purveyors of quality meats, they offer their customers insider knowledge, new impulses, and outstanding service. Today's young connoisseurs are also propagating the Nose to Tail movement, which is based on age-old traditions of preparing and eating an entire animal in a respectful and sustainable way. Crafted Meat is a compelling visual reference on today's new meat culture. It documents current developments, products, and background stories for both epicures and makers. It explores how to find the best butcher, the tools of the trade, and the differences between cattle breeds and cuts of meat. It answers questions such as how bologna is made and what should be served with blood sausage. The book also includes classic recipes to cook, roast, and grill as well as more experimental ones with unusual ingredients or surprising taste combinations.

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