Tilapia - Farmed Frozen Portion
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Tilapia - Farmed Frozen Portion

~ 225g

Delicious Tilapia, sustainably and ethically farmed in Honduras.

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Our Tilapia is ethically and sustainably farmed in Honduras. The farm is an in-land operation which uses every bit of the fish. The oils are processed for Omega-3 supplements, the waste is used for fertilizing and bio-fuel, but the most impressive fact is their commitment to the environment by working with the community to re-forest and create sustainable low-impact infrastructure from which the community benefits. The fishery does not use preservatives, antibiotics or growth hormones in their process.

They use clean flowing water instead of ponds in order to keep the process free from pollutants or anything that might adversely affect the fish or compromise food safety. As a result of the care that goes into the farming of this fish, the flavour is AMAZING! Chefs agree that this is a superior product on so many levels.

Learn more about Sustainable Seafood.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Learn to plank fish
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