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"Wheat Belly" by William Davis, M.D.


The bestselling book that's changed the way we look at wheat.

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Wheat Belly is a provocative look at how eliminating wheat—even so-called healthy whole grain wheat—from our diets is the key to permanent weight loss and can offer relief from a broad spectrum of health and digestive problems.

Drawing on decades of clinical studies and the extraordinary results he has observed after putting thousands of his patients on wheat-free regimens, Dr. William Davis makes a compelling case against this ubiquitous ingredient. A wheat-free diet has been associated with significant benefits, including the following:

  • Weight loss of twenty, thirty, even fifty pounds in the first few months
  • Alleviation of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes
  • Recovery from intestinal woes, like ulcerative colitis and celiac disease
  • Marked improvement in overall cholesterol and LDL counts
  • Improvement in bone density and reversal of osteoporosis
  • Cessation of skin conditions from psoriasis to oral ulcers and hair loss
  • Reduction of inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis pain

Readable, thought-provoking and carefully researched, Wheat Belly offers a new and vitally important perspective on the most critical health concerns of our time.

Review Quotes:

"Fast, fascinating read, and if even half of what he says is right, wow. I'm inclined to think most of what he says is right because so much of it I directly experienced just a few months before I read it. Perhaps I have a mild wheat allergy that makes my case a good example for him--at least one of my aunts has a life-threatening wheat allergy, so it's not far-fetched. I started cutting back wheat a few months ago on the advice of another book, and had all the withdrawl symptoms Davis talks about..."
- Erica

"I knew within a week that the advice Dr. Davis gives in this book was going to work for me. In two months I had lost 15 pounds, could tuck clothing in again, did not need heartburn medication anymore, had regained energy and I go to bed the same size as when I get up. Bonus, bonus, bonus. There is definitely something to the information provided in this book."
- Book Reviewer

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